The CECS Lab aims:

  • to cover the undergraduate/post graduate and research requirements of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly concerning subjects like Computer and Embedded System Architecture, Automatic Control Systems, DSP and Computer Hardware
  • to offer services to private and public organizations and companies favoring the industry of Thessaly and Greece
  • to participate in research projects
  • to disseminate the results of its research through seminars, conferences, workshops, by publishing articles in high reputation international scientific journals and books
  • to the cooperation between academic and research institutes as well as companies and oganization


  1. Large Scale Control
  2. Artificial Kidney Emulation
  3. 3D CAD of cone shapes for the constructive industry
  4. Industrial Parameter Calibration
  5. Biomedical Parameter Calibration
  6. Measurement Instrument Maintenance
  7. Automatic Control System Maintenance
  8. Distributed Measurements
  9. Distributed Automatic Control
  10. Improvement of Byzantine Manuscripts
  11. Embedded System Design methodologies
  12. Embedded Systems for Telecommunications
  13. Embedded Systems for Automations
  14. Target Localization
  15. ADC architectures
  16. SNRimprovementcircuits/systems
  17. Sparse information undersampling