1. Automatic Control Processes 4 Χ 4
  2. Robotic Arm
  3. Robotic Kits
  4. DSP System (National Inc)
  5. MatLab SW for DSP and Automatic Control
  6. SW for DSP and Automatic Control
  7. Freeware tools
  8. Siemens PLCs
  9. Freescale Tower Systems (20 items) based on 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 and expansion cards for serial communication, lcd graphic display etc
  10. Ten uP-3 development boards based on 8051 microcontrollers
  11. Ten FPT-3 development boards based on Altera MAX7000S CPLDs
  12. Portable Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer for low frequency signals
  13. Logic Analyzer
  14. High Frequency Spectrum Analyzer
  15. Waveform generator
  16. breadboards
  17. Individual microcontroller boards (Arduino, Microchip PIC etc)